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Over Protocol CHAIN

Over Protocol intends to provide a safe and scalable ecosystem for substances users to conduct transactions and carry out complicated computations with increased seclusion and secrecy by integrating these subcaste 2 blockchain security features.

Protecting privacy

Without usability, even the best technology is useless. Over Protocol is a platform that helps customers overcome all the constraints that generally hold them back in the Web3 arena – from difficult UX to the exorbitant cost of expanding.

Secure Scalability

By allowing off-chain transactions that are finally settled on the primary blockchain via zero-knowledge proofs, layer 2 solutions can aid in resolving scalability difficulties on the blockchain.

Secure interface

Zero-knowledge layer 2 blockchain solutions can also facilitate network interoperability across various blockchains, facilitating the smooth movement of assets and transactions between various blockchains.

Our technology

Over Protocol innovation

With the security of Blockchain L1, Over Protocol inherits the strength of Over Protocol proofs to drastically boost throughput while lowering transaction costs.


Very affordable. Very quick. Scale without effort.

By utilizing low-cost, high-speed Over Protocol Proof technology solutions, you may expand your business rapidly and affordably.

cutting-edge scaling technology

Protection And Scalability

scalable, quick, and lightweight design enables effective processing of massive amounts of data.


Decentralized infrastructure is scalable using a permissionless consensus method.

Over Protocol nodes

The second tier of network security is provided by Over Protocol nodes, which also offer extra blocks and transaction validation.

Roll-Ups with no prior knowledge:

In one batch, Over Protocol-rollups can handle thousands of transactions, yet they only publish a sparse amount of summary information to Mainnet.


The program required to run a Over Protocol node is known as a Node. The network needs a client to carry out the synchronization and control the participants’ responsibilities.


Zero-knowledge Assembly is the language used to define the processor’s ROM.


In Over Protocol, the Prover, a zero-knowledge prover component, handles both transaction proof and verification. The Prover implements and upholds each requirement for a transaction to be legitimate.

Discover the potential of Over Protocol

Over Protocol Bridge

The BNB Chain Mainnet (L1) or any L2 constructed on top of the BNB Chain may communicate with and move assets across the Over Protocol network and other networks thanks to the Over Protocol Bridge component.

Over Protocol Swap

A decentralized finance (DeFi) platform managed by the Over Protocol Protocol, Over Protocol Swap offers a full complement of tools to study and interact with the future of wealth creation.

Over Protocol Staking

Users may utilize staking pools to stake their Token or other tokens for more Over Protocol or tokens from partner projects once they’ve bought, converted, or earned them through farming or lending.

Over Protocol DAO

The Over Protocol DAO enables open, transparent decision-making and voting procedures thanks to the usage of smart contracts and the distributed nature of blockchain.


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Over Protocol

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Over Protocol

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BNB Chain

Over Protocol Security

The security and safety of our investors are our top priorities at Over Protocol, which is why we have attained the highest level of safety certification to guarantee the maximum protection of our clients’ funds.

Our Roadmap


Q1, 2023

Studying and Developing


Q2, 2023

Beginning and Adoption


Q3, 2023

Expansion and Scaling


Q4, 2023

Ecosystem expansion